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Thread: Where can I buy a fishfinder rig???

While egg sinker rigs perform in most situations, it pays to vary the rig a bit in certain conditions. Bullet or worm sinkers provide a good alternative when using the fishfinder rig in shallow water or around rough terrain. Their streamlined shape allows you to snake the rig up, over and through scattered oyster clumps and shell bars.

Tackle for big blues is simple, and most saltwater anglers may already have gear that will do nicely. Most prefer 6000 or 7000 series baitcasters on fiberglass, 7-foot rods that will handle 30- to 50-pound monos as a mainline. Many catters prefer mono due to the stretch and forgiveness when big blue cats do that final dive and surge at boatside. Fishfinder rigs with 6-8 ounces of weight will be needed to keep baits down in the heavy current. Flat, in-line sinkers are also used and a short, 12- to 18-inch, 50-pound leader, snelled to the hook, completes the Carolina-style rig. Hook sizes are 6/0 to 8/0 circle hooks.

How to use Fish Finders & Fishfinder rigs to catch more fish

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I'm not sure about those floats either. Fishfinder rigs have always worked great for me. I snell my own hooks and put them on the end of a leader past my stopper. I personally prefer to make sure the weight can go no closer than 5-6' to the bait.

The Fish Finder Rig: Should You Be Using It For Catfish?

Do like the pros. Make your own fishfinder-style bottom rig. Start by threading an egg sinker onto the fishing line. Tie the line onto a sturdy barrel swivel. Size 7 barrels are a good choice. This size swivel is not overkill, yet it’s big enough not to slip through an egg sinker. Next, attach an 18-inch length of 20-pound leader to the swivel. Finish the rig with a livebait hook sized to fit your bait. Downsize your hooks for small baits; upsize for larger offerings. Use either a Palomar, improved clinch or Uni-knot for all connections on the fishfinder rig.

Intuition is all about feelings. Don’t make up your mind about what you’ll encounter before you actually get out on the water. Granted, trip plans are important for a number of reasons–safety in the event you don’t make it back to the dock being high among them–but there are reasons to go with your gut. If you have a feeling that a piece of dead squid on a fishfinder rig will hook a Flounder for dinner, don’t let the passing thought drift away. Use a piece of your t-shirt if you have to, but get that fishfinder rig to a sandy edge and the Flounder that swam through your brain might be coerced into swimming to the boat.