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customIzIng the FIshFInder 400c

Setting the Temp Log Duration and Scale On Temp Log screen, press MENU to view advanced options. Duration—set the scope of time along the bottom of the graph. Scale—set the temperature span along the right side of the graph. (page 18). The Fishfinder 400C Owner’s Manual...

Alarms and Messages The Fishfinder 400C uses an on-screen message system to alert you to unit operating characteristics. When a message appears, press SElECt to acknowledge the message and return to the screen you were viewing. battery Alarm—battery voltage has fallen below the value entered in the Battery Alarm setup.

customIzIng the FIshFInder 400c

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  • customIzIng the FIshFInder 400c

    Highlight Manual Range and press SElECt to manually adjust the scope of the depth scale. Gain—controls the sensitivity of the Fishfinder 400C’s sonar receiver. By default, the Gain is set to Auto, which automatically sets the sonar sensitivity.

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