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Deeper Smart Sonar PRO, 2.55", Black


Deeper Smart Fishfinder 3.0 can be cast to any spot in the water

We can't say a smartphone-connected sonar fish detector ranks high on our must-have list, but man is it a cool idea. Friday Lab's taking the plunge with its Deeper Smart Fishfinder -- a spherical waterproof device that beams back individual fish depth and location info, along with temperature and floor depth to your 2.2+ or 4.0+ smartphone or tablet within 150 feet via Bluetooth. You simply use a standard rod and line to lower Deeper from a bridge, boat or shore, and the device automatically powers on when it makes contact with water -- a six-hour battery should suffice for all but the most dedicated of fishermen, unless they have a USB power source nearby for charging.

It is the first Smart Fishfinder in the world that works in conjunction with your Android device. It can be used for sea, river or lake fishing; in salt or fresh water; in summer or winter. Using amazing and innovative technology, the Deeper Smart Fishfinder is the ideal tool to improve your fishing experience.

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  • Deeper Smart Portable Fishfinder From 1.6 To 130-Feet For Smartphone or Tablet
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  • Deeper Smart Portable Fishfinder FLDP-05

    Deeper Smart Fishfinder is especially designed for amateur and professional fishermen alike, to find out location of fish, depth, water temperature, bottom contour of water and many more. It is the first Smart Fishfinder in the world working on smartphones and tablets. It can be used in the ocean, river or lake; salt or fresh waters. Using amazing and revolutionary technology, Deeper Smart Fishfinder is the ideal tool to bring the fish to you.

    Deeper fish finder is the first of its kind portable, wireless sonar, compatible with 6000+ iOS and Android devices, specially designed to find out location of fish, depth, water temperature, bottom contour and much more.

    We know where the fish are hiding. Find it with your smartphone!

    Deeper – smart sonar is a first of its kind, portable, wireless fish finder specially designed for amateur and professional fishermen.

    You can count on Deeper.

    Find Fish
    High accuracy sonar shots reveal most of the fish species with a crystal clarity and allows you to target your prey with a confidence.

    Know Temperature
    Deeper temperature sensors provide accurate fluctuations of the water temperature so you always know the perfect biting time.

    Reveal New Spots
    With castable Deeper and its mounting solutions you can explore the lake, river or sea from every angle. Scan places other fish finders cannot reach.

    See Depth
    Deeper sonar is powerful enough to perfectly function in the depths from 1.5 ft (0.5 m) to ~130 ft (40 m) below the surface in both salt and fresh waters.

    Explore Bottom Structure
    Enhance your fishing experience with the detailed view of the bottom terrain, and fish holding habitat using innovative Deeper Smart Imaging technology.

    The Deeper Smart Portable Fishfinder for Smartphone or Tablet is the first of its kind. Deeper is a smart sonar for smartphones and tablets supporting Android 2.3+ and iOS 5.0+ operating systems. The smart sonar works in the depths from 0.5 m to ~40 m (~130 feet) and uses Bluetooth connection to show the information about the fish, the pond bed, water temperature and obstacles you may bump into, on the screen of a smartphone or a tablet.

    With Deeper Smart Fishfinder you only need one device for any location and any time fishing. It's completely portable, so you can fish places other fish finder's can't reach. From the shore, dock, kayak or boat. This unique wireless technology will help you gather intelligence anywhere you go. Once you attach the Deeper to your line, you will have instant information about fish, structure, depth and even water temperature - anywhere you cast.